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Subscription inquiries To subscribe, click the Subscribe button above. Email us at subscriptions stonesoup. General inquiries All other questions and comments should be emailed to stonesoup stonesoup. Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter, and see images from our archive and more on our Instagram and Pinterest pages. The Mighty Miss Malone is an exciting read, and the reflection afterwards is just as rewarding. The book is suspenseful but the character development is not rushed; joy and sorrow are intermingled but not in the least bit creating melodrama.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Free weekly newsletter! The entire country is desperately struggling through the heart of the Depression in , but Deza has her best friend, treasured library books, beloved school and devoted teacher plus her amazing family, including her mom, dad and older brother, Jimmie.


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But Jimmie has a wonderful singing voice and loves to perform, and her father tells the greatest stories. They get along the best they can and hope for a better future. He promises to write and send money, and will move the entire family up north when he gets settled.

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With no other options, the three set off to search for Dad. They wrap their few belongings in blankets and sneak aboard a train headed for Michigan. They know the address of a relative in Flint, but when they get there, the house is gone. Michigan, USA. Michigan Notable Books Great Lakes Great Books Award CCBC Choices Massachusetts Children's Book Award Nominee My friend Harrison Edward Patrick. And my brother, Herman David Curtis.

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After a long journey, I have found me aharuf , two people whom I cannot think about without splitting my face in a joyous smile. No matter what is going on around me, all I have to do is bring them to mind and I'm transported to a better place. They are my wife, Habon, and my daughter Ayaan. This book is dedicated to Habon and Ayaan in, as Miss Malone might say, internal , undying gratitude for bringing me joy and guaranteeing that at the end of each day my cheeks will be sore from far too much smiling.

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That last invisible sign really read, "Next stop. After writing that last sentence, I can't help feeling this: the fact that in late I can write that there are fifteen million poor children in this country is, to quote the Mighty Miss Malone, "A tragedy, a true tragedy. References to this work on external resources. No library descriptions found. Book description.

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