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He also entered this world with a mild-to-moderate hearing impairment, and moderate aspiration can cause fluid to enter into his lungs , which necessitates the delivery of food and fluid through a tube. Archie also battles severe gross motor delay, and several brain abnormalities, which have rendered him hospital-bound and under constant medical supervision regularly throughout his short life.

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Shortly after returning home we received a call from our doctor, asking us to head back to hospital. Back at RNSH, Fiona and her husband met with their obstetrician, who advised their son would be born without eyes. Post- birth, Archie was diagnosed with SOX2 Syndrome, with a genetic mutation so rare, that only one other case has ever been recorded. His prognosis has continued to challenge his family, with the ongoing presentation of complications associated with SOX2 Syndrome. My mom had just gotten home and she got in her car and headed back. The start of the chaos— another nurse came in the room and tried to start an IV.

The DR came back in the room with the ultrasound machine and said he was going to see if the baby was in the right position to deliver. At the same time the nurse was having trouble getting the IV started.

There was also another nurse in the room trying to get me admitted by asking a million questions really fast. The Dr. He said the baby was in the right position. We then moved to the labor and delivery room.

The dr. My husband later told me that all of a sudden the room flooded with people and they took me away.

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We got to the room and I had to move to the surgical or whatever you call it bed. I thought that it was blood and that I was dying. Not to mention the fact that one of them screamed to go get the father. I thought that my husband was going to have to make the decision to save me or the baby.

We just had discussed this a week earlier and I made Josh promise me that he would choose the baby. They told me to push.

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They told me less screaming and more pushing. Two pushes later the baby was out and they took it away. Josh later told me that the baby came out blue.

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Finally they told me that it was and then I asked if it was a boy or a girl. It was a BOY!!! They were taking the baby out of the room but they did allow me to see him and give him a kiss before they took him. Just so you understand how fast everything moved. My husband called his parents when we got to the labor and delivery room at 12pm and he told them that we might be having the baby. Harrison James Ackerman was born at am… in 7 min from the phone call with his parents.

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Since it happen so fast they were unable to give me a shot that would have helped his lungs develop. I was unable to get any medicine for pain. I had him all natural. Side note- Poor josh was in shock while it was happening and the nurses had to tell him to pull his phone out to take some pictures. Some of which I had to delete from his phone for the inappropriate angles! Our little guy was a fighter and strong!

Little man blew out all his IV spots within 6 days so they decided to try and see if he could go without it.

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They gradually increased his feedings and was able to stay off the IV. He grew and grew getting stronger every day. We did have some set backs but he always pulled through.

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