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He had previously worked with Loretta Young in Taxi! Perhaps because of that, Private Number received generally negative reviews from critics upon its premiere at the Radio City Music Hall in New York on June 5, , though it did turn in a small profit at the box-office. The New York Times described it as "a sermon on a social problem that may conceivably have disturbed some of the upper 5 per cent of our population and a few amorous members of the lower classes before the advent of that great leveler, the depression.

Rathbone is as hateful as Miss Young is charming, and Mr. Taylor is manly to a fault.

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Worthy of special notice are Patsy Kelly, as another maid, and her steady fellow, Joe Lewis, who supply much needed comic interludes. Although Private Number does not occupy a noteworthy place in Loretta Young's shining career, the film proved to be a special one to make, as it allowed her to take on a role that she could not yet portray in real life: a mother. In early , Young had enjoyed a love affair with the then-married Clark Gable while the two were working on William A. Wellman's The Call of the Wild Young soon became pregnant, but due to the "morality clause" that gave Hollywood studios the power to annul an actor's contract in the event of social scandal, she had to conceal her condition in order to avoid damaging her career as well as Gable's.

As her pregnancy began to show, Young informed Zanuck that she and her mother Gladys were going to take a "European holiday. Finally, on November 6, , Young gave birth to a blonde, blue-eyed daughter that she named Judith. Young returned to work in January , leaving Judy at the house in Venice under the care of a nurse. A few months later, Young placed her daughter in St. Elizabeth's Infant Hospital, an orphanage and home for unwed mothers run by the Sisters of Charity of St.

“Hey, isn’t that good-ol’-what’s-her-name?” – Axel Nissen pays tribute to some grand old dames

Vincent de Paul in San Francisco. In June , when Judy was 19 months old, Gladys picked up her from St. Elizabeth's and Young subsequently announced to gossip columnist Louella Parsons that she had adopted the girl. Few in Hollywood were fooled by the story, however; Judy's striking resemblance to Gable revealed her true parentage right away. Private Number was released a month before Judy's removal to St. Insiders must have exchanged smiles when they heard Patsy Kelly describe Robert Taylor as being "as handsome as Clark Gable.

According to Bernard K.

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Dick, "In that one scene, Loretta displays the kind of maternalism that transcends mere acting. Private Number is hardly the greatest film ever made. The plot is somewhat outdated, even for , and like the Times critic remarked, there seems to be no "connection between the cryptic title and the tale itself. I had seen about two or three films of hers prior to watching Private Number , but for some strange reason I could not bring myself to like her. Robert Taylor was actually the only reason why I decided to watch it in the first place.

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For the first half of the picture, I barely paid any attention to Loretta, but when that demon Wroxton brought the whole world down on her, I started to get really angry at all the people that were doing her wrong. During the trial scene, I even found myself shouting "Objection!

I saw the film for the first time over a year ago and I still have not been able to figure out why I reacted to it so strongly, but I did, so there you go.

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Despite whatever flaws it might have, Private Number is an excellent film. If you happen to have 80 minutes to spare, give Private Number a try. I think you will love it. To view all entries, click HERE. We all live in dread of the day that we realize we've turned into our mammies. Don't get us wrong, we love them to pieces, but there's some We all know that Irish mammies get very antsy when we don't respond to texts and calls.

This worry is intensified for mammies who have sons Teenagers are not great at accepting direction for anyone, but especially not from their mammies.

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And sitting in the passenger seat as the gears This company is making it easier for Irish mammies to send care …. There's a best-dressed fairy competition for all who attend - including mammies and daddies - and children will also get to design and create We are lagging far behind in the race for a top-rate transport system. No wonder some can be seen clutching Herald Sport to their chests like comfort blankets, trying hard not to sob and call for their mammies. In general, the Black characters are treated as asexual mammies. It's July 2 and it's the dawn of a new era for you, about 29, other mammies , and a few dads too.

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