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But, unlike many dotcom entrepreneurs, Mr Taylor already knew the business he was entering. He came to online recruitment from the offline sort, having set up an agency, Adion, in , not long after leaving the University of Massachusetts—where he managed to spend five and a half years without collecting a degree.

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He seems to have used the time to develop other talents and interests, including becoming a successful disc jockey in Boston's night clubs and building a vast collection of dance music. Like Britain's Richard Branson, he has since used that student flair to instil a sense of youthful fun and anti-establishment zest in what is basically a boring business.

Mr Branson goes ballooning; Mr Taylor water-skis behind blimps. Supporting the brand is a big advertising budget, accounting for a quarter of the firm's costs and including, since , expensive ads during the Super Bowl.

Like another great online success, eBay, Monster has flourished thanks to a mixture of scale and free content. Most of the services that job-seekers get are free, but Mr Taylor hopes they will pay to join a new service that he has just launched to allow them to contact each other for advice, mentoring and career management. He hopes that they will ask each other questions about, say, what it is like to work for a firm that a job-seeker is thinking of joining, or what it is like to work as a nurse in a large teaching hospital in another part of the country.

But the main contribution of Monster has been to speed up hiring and vastly increase the accuracy of the job-search process. Just as the rise of online travel sites has devastated traditional travel agents, Monster, with its low costs and wide reach, has eaten the lunch of old-economy market intermediaries.

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Headhunting firms have also suffered, as demand has slumped for their help in filling lower-level jobs at client firms. But not every job can be filled online. This is a mass-market enterprise: top people still seem to need to be wooed in person, so there will be some work left for headhunters. And, though the online job market works well for workers and employers who know what they want, it works badly for the vague or tentative.

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If it is unclear, they will confine you to electronic darkness. You already earned a Bachelor and gathered some professional experience? You feel a need for a deeper knowledge of management and economics, especially for earning a leading position? Join our upcoming webinar to find out more about this exciting English-taught Master's program on October 2, - CET. Register now for our webinar! All events. Companies of upper Franconia also benefit from the centers of excellence and institutes at the University. The three research institutes concentrate on information systems, materials science and water and energy management.

The Institute for Continuing Education offers both full-time and part-time degree programs.

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The success of our graduates in internationally active companies is the stimulus for all members of Hof University. All students are excellently educated and cared for in our internationally oriented Green Tech University. Our teaching is influenced by the ideas of strong-practice orientation, open-mindedness and resource efficiency. Thanks to continuous exchange and cooperation with industry, applied research develops high-end solutions for companies and thus guarantees the continuous renewal of our knowledge for the benefit of our academia.

Both high school English teachers who have a passion for teaching, culture, and literature, they have always made a strong effort to come up with and try new lessons and ideas in the classroom. On occasion he writes on education for a variety of publications and is a founding member of Educators for Social Justice — Nova Scotia. Melissa Trenbirth is a literacy consultant with HRCE, having previously taught English and Drama for over 15 years in junior and senior high. Melissa currently works with literacy coaches, teachers and schools to support literacy instruction and ELA.

Jessica Wells loves collaborating with other teachers.

During her Masters Degree in Literacy, Jessica focused on diversity, or the lack of, in picture books for her thesis. It was eye opening!

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By noticing and naming teachers can tackle grammar and eliminate traditional worksheets and bad grammar examples. Learn how to incorporate simpler movements, meditative practises, and concentration techniques into your subject are classes. Bring a mat and learn some strategies for being in the present moment more often with your students.

This is a peer share workshop. Participants are asked to bring one or two lessons to share with the group. A one pager can be designed to give students structured steps or left open for greater freedom. In this workshop, we will discuss some of the benefits and possible pitfalls of this learning activity.

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Teachers will have the opportunity to create a brief one pager of their own. Through self-reflection and exploration poetry can be used as a tool to heal and build upon. Students and teachers will be left with more stories they can't wait to explore within the classroom setting through a dynamic, and versatile lens. Join us for a discussion about difficult conversations: why not to avoid them, how to approach them, and what to do when they go off the rails.

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Using static images, brief film clips, and activities related to his own young adult novels, Don demonstrates how teachers can assist students in deconstructing visuals and media text. How do we get students to read authentically? How do we engage all learners, regardless of learning styles, abilities or needs in reading?

How can teachers be a part of their student's growth in reading? How do we assess independent reading? These are some of the key questions that will be addressed in this workshop. Teachers will be given some practical tips on how to set up a successful independent reading program, make it a priority for their students, and help their students strengthen their literacy skills as they move on to the working world or post-secondary education. Following a presentation is an opportunity to collaborate with peers and share working practices for inclusion.

This session is open to everyone but is focused on a junior-senior high school experience.

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Teachers will be able to brainstorm ideas of what makes a positive diverse picture book, and have time to create there own. I will also present some of my findings! In this workshop we will play through a game and then hold a conversation about how you might bring Breakouts to your own classroom.