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A Place To Call Home - The Final Chapter (Documentary/Behind the Scenes)

The author argues that improving the quality of design in our new homes and communities for greater resiliency, sustainability, and equality, we can build neighborhoods and communities where residents feel more connected t their homes and to one another. Seller Inventory SPR Ships with Tracking Number! Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!. Seller Inventory n. James Wentling. Publisher: Springer , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:.

Synopsis About this title This insightful volume shares design ideas to help builders, planners and architects create mass-produced affordable housing that pushes suburban development in more sustainable, liveable directions. About the Author : James W. Buy New Learn more about this copy. Customers who bought this item also bought. Stock Image. Published by Springer New Quantity Available: 1.

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Seller Rating:. Corruption in the homeless shelters is carefully described, as well as a NIMBY-based anti-homeless meeting. These rough truths are told not with statistics and explication, but through vignettes of the organizers who moved against these injustices.

Not only in this chapter, but throughout, accounts in War are attentive to history. Luc Sante introduces the original publication of War.

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He wrote Low Life: Lures and Snares of Old New York , a book which lays out the centuries-long tradition — nay, industry — in the Empire City of deceiving and robbing visitors. Not sure if this introduction is retained in the planned reprint. The march was hard, and in the end politicians lied to them. But it changed lives, as Seth shows. Going forward, the organization Picture the Homeless in New York has continued to press for rights and dignity for the homeless, working in tandem with international housing rights organizations, just as the Tent City activists did 20 years before them in their presence at the U.

Chapter five is the story of another squat which underwent a harrowing and dangerous eviction and demolition. This time the author himself is a main character.

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To prove his credibility within the movement, Seth moves out of his apartment into a squat — called Deadlock House. This place provides situations for succeeding stories in the book as well.

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They hide in their building when police come to evict them; the cops bring dogs to sniff them out. He dreams the house itself is rising up to defend itself against the cops, in virtuoso panels of political surrealism. When the cops back off, Rage goes crazy from the stress, and throws a hatchet at the author. Finally, Seth realizes, he has faced intimidation his whole life; being a squatter has taught him how to face up to it.

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This was intended not only as a squat for housing but to be a social center, a large-building occupation providing many services. These are spelled out in a double-page spread. There are contradictions from the start as the needle exchange activist who faces off the non-profit scheduled to receive the building from the city is revealed to be himself a coke addict.

Homeless people had a significant presence in ABC. And in homeless Americans were standing up, organizing as a class. Hit me in the head!

Say what you will of the mental stability of many of the Lower East Side squatters, this kind of full tilt dedication, heedless of personal risk, is what made the movement so powerful. A solidarity camp arose across the street from the besieged social center. Little kids chase some of the squatters on the street throwing stones at them and calling them communists.

One of the most poignant monkey wrenches thrown into this dramatic story of populist organizing concerns the struggle over gender relations. The feminism born of abuse meets the patriarchy sprung from deprivation and thwarted lives. As is bitter cold, and a Christmas party in a squat barricaded by police. But Tobocman includes some pages of portraits of individual homeless people involved in the struggle for ABC in which they tell of their pride to be involved and their reasons and dreams.

In the end, the occupation wears down with the cold and infighting. City officials try to strike a deal, and then in the end evict the center. Includes an extensive section of links for those researching African-American ancestry. Cerny offers resources for those interested in beginning their own research projects into their African American ancestry, ranging from sample pages of important records to a useful set of downloadable forms.

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